A single-family home at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, House 001 is the subversion of conventional notions of the house and domesticity by a reversal: designing inside-out. Research on the mid-century American Case Study homes informed the design of House 001 in the way that relationships between objects, furnishings, decor, structure, envelope, and landscaping comprised a gesamtkunstwerk - nothing out of place, everything with intention, the house a total work of art. The house and domesticity was re-imagined from the inside-out.

Mobile furniture plays a literally active role for the family - furniture capable of "keeping up" by virtue of their expediency, convenience and portability.

Structural concrete columns allow for open plan living with the added benefit of cozy pockets that create multi-functional spaces for lounging, conversation, sleeping or dining. These areas stage the flow, coincidence and intersection of activities that characterize a lifestyle of fluid openness and clustered intimacy.

The addition of a zen garden of stepped gravel beds and ferns becomes a contemplative break from and counterpoint to interior activity.