From Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, 2006

This idea didn't make it, but it might have been cool.

DHT11 sensor test, soldered. Arduino.

Capturing, architecturalizing, vanilla. Vanilla-tecture.

The Ol'Factory // This architectural experiment examines the potential future of architectural form and polemic through the deployment of energy as a utility or resource, but also prioritized as building material with architectural implications - as demonstrated in the history of steel and concrete. The study of intensities, gradients, and dynamic invisible but traceable boundaries amplified by augmenting the human senses or the energies themselves reinforces the architectural viability of forms of energy. Meanwhile research on an existing projects using "mechanically-produced" energies established a precedent for understanding the meaning of energy as architecture.

This architectural science project was an attempt to elicit the potential of architectural form based on the characteristics of scent, specifically vanilla, in a partially-controlled and monitored environment.

Spring 2015
Arch 562, Architectural Technology: Environments

In collaboration with Tinyun Wong