JOHN LEANO  is interested in loosening the (c)overt tactics of propaganda, disinformation, misdirection, subversion and illusion for cultural production and ultimately architecture. His work draws on mythology, esotericism and pseudo-sciences as modes for understanding contemporary notions of meaning, being and place. Deceptive practice, namely magic, ars memoriae and semiotics are devices for speculative operations in architecture, design, art, digital media and publishing.

He understands architecture as a multi-(disciplinary, scalar, media) operation aimed at cultural production, and not only a service for shelter or investment, but for the provision of possible futures (or impossible presents). He is open to collaborations.

OO is his research and design studio.


The core practice of magic architecture is: The execution of a willed intent to create change in the material world, which either defies, hastens or purifies the consequences of natural cause and effect.

Leonardo was a universal genius because [The Annunciation] was magical. Most people only understand what they feel with their senses; they know nothing of what lies behind them. Only magic can express that which is unreachable in any other way. There is also another kind of art, which is essentially evocative...

Luis Barragan: I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery.

JL: I agree.