John works within architecture, design and art, exploring each as domains of thaumaturgical practice and experience. He believes in solving problems as much as posing questions about purpose and meaning, and exploring the promise of a more liberal, laissez-faire, pro-capitalist, and pro-hydrocarbon future.

He is particularly interested in how individualism, personal and perennial philosophy, ars memoriae, occult symbolism, and Ayn Rand's Objectivism might frame and inform design. In his work, he ultimately seeks an architecture that is timeless but knows how to revel in its time while looking forward, not with hope, but with clear vision and confidence.

If there is something on the site you like, John is open to discussing its design and working on its production for/with you. Inquire for collaborations or if you are interested in purchasing an item. Some items are one-off's and may never be produced again.