POST UP! was an internal poster design competition open to students at the UIC School of Architecture in November 2016. The aim was to propose a projective lineup for the 2026 Lecture Series hosted by the school. The design should express a pedagogical trajectory and/or hypothetical cultural attitude in relation to architecture. This poster won Third Prize.

The cast of speakers generally reflects the sentiment of increasingly exaggerated and stylistic polemics that abandon the rampant asceticism of the prior two decades.

Frank Gehry: Nearing 100, the old guard Deconstructivist offers reflections and a retrospective on another decade of shit architecture

Peter Marino: Invited because of his ties to the world of fashion, a world that reinvents itself constantly, and because of his acute awareness of what is and can be "in" and "cool".

Odile Decq: Offers insight on the worldwide success of the Confluence Institute for Innovation and creative strategies in architecture, and what that success means for the future of architectural education.

Leonard Koren: Serves as an enduring figure of the wabi-sabi aesthetic of impermanence, a counterpoint to the resurgent hysteria surrounding ornament and ostentation.

Ricky Jay: A magician near the end of his career offers insights on the world of image, illusion, fantasy, and authenticity - important links bridging magic and architecture. He is the first in a long-term plan for a lineup of non-architects.