Nvllivs In Verba is an ongoing up-scaled book. Each book is a chapter. Each book's chapters are pages. The book is a lifetime project, for self and posterity, that explores a range of themes and topics in fiction and non-fiction. Nvllivs is a personal anthology of reflections and ideas that illustrate a developing worldview. It is an escape into the comfort and pure freedom of the written word and a work in parallel with Locvs Commvnis. Each book is "coverless" - both naked and disguised as part of a larger whole and aimed at no audience in particular. Further, the collection is based on the idea that the content of the work need not be indexed but the work itself is.

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006 Fantastic Figures by G. Gordon Esquire

and mundane


too doubt full
objects bend

a healthy skepticism

porn and places
minimum existenz

spaces nature
feminine figure

meaning less
meaning less

language exploded
deconstructed outmoded

alternatives un
conventions thought
un done

new modes
of living
of thinking
of lasting

immortality is
the figure of self in

imagery written in cafes
toilets trains

walks phones
papers notebooks

poetry’s poeticism
is without poetry


Evocations... The poet has to evoke the past and to relive it, to seize the ephemeral. Hermann Hesse

004 Loi du Hasard
This book concludes the Absurd Quadrille (001-004). Sculptor Hans Arp once remarked on doing something not according to any rule of logic, but simply according to the rule of the moment. We must 'feel' something that makes our hand move. Life is an accumulation of seemingly random and incoherent, yet also fitting, scenes. What can the iteration of a random method or process, merely felt, teach us? What patterns might it reveal? The meaning of chance is the focus for this investigation on ambiguity. There is more than simply results and outcomes. Perhaps we place too much emphasis on effects and not causes. There is balance in the fickleness and near pointlessness of odds and the existence of contradiction. Meanwhile, we can find complexity in reduction by finding an identifying patterns and symmetries. By nature, we make sense and order out of non-sense and randomness - finding order where there is none, making sense of a whole by its ambiguous parts, and fitting parts into a fabricated underlying structure. This concept is captured here in the form of a walking journal taken over the course of at least two years supplemented with a game of Loi du Hasard and use of the now-defunct Rando app for Windows Phone.

003 Observations [FORTHCOMING]
A definitive, in-depth analysis of the significant events and knowledge that helped shape the person I have become, covering the first 25 years of my life and speculating on the next and beyond. I have arrived from ambiguity to a state I can only define as "sure". Clarity is the new norm. A series of finely-tuned details captured by significant moments.

002 Minute Abstracts
Partially featured in 001 Reflections Abroad, Minute Abstracts is a collection of digital paintings and abstract photography centered on an ongoing exploration of ambiguity. Each painting is a one-minute mobile creation - an attempt to exercise limitation on creativity. The collection's photographic "accidentals" can pose as having value in themselves as frozen minutiae of the subconscious. Perhaps this work is also a visual testament to the fickleness and creative endeavor of the human spirit.

001 Reflections Abroad
While this work is intended to be ambiguous it is based on real observations during a two-month stay in Madrid. In a similar vein as Georges Perec's At Attempt At Exhausting a Place In Paris, I simply wrote what I observed but dispensed with the "trivialities" of what's actually there. This is not meant to diminish the value of those trivialities, rather it is an attempt to express some personal meaning behind them. Essentially, this is the reciprocal to Georges' work - that which we see every day but not truly "see". Further, while he categorizes his experiences temporally, it's appropriate, given the nature of what I attempt to convey, that I categorize by personal, abstract and or objective values. I'm continually exploring the concept of ambiguity because, ultimately, no matter how hard we believe, search and reason we have nothing and everything to guide us. Thoughts and concepts explored in this book will be examined more thoroughly in 003 Observations.


Any change in form and/or scale often results in a change in content or vice versa.

Netflix is an all-you-can eat buffet where the serial format of discrete episodes breaks down in becoming simultaneously and immediately accessible in a frictionless stream. This explains the Netflix "binge". There is no waiting until next time because that time is now. There is no delayed gratification unless you create it yourself. Gratification is instant in the availability of a series of episodes and in the ability to fast forward, pause, or rewind with one's fingertips. The typical gap between episodes and moments in episodes has closed. They're effectively simultaneous - a variety available all on the same plate.

Nullius is an indefinitely long book which contains episodes but no singular narrative. Nullius contains multiple narratives, which themselves may span multiple - even non-sequential - episodes, through which ideas are tested and teased out. Nullius is a scaled-up book for the digital age that acknowledges the indefinite bank of information of its more public counterpart, the internet. Every book is a chapter. Every chapter is a page. Every page is a paragraph. Every paragraph a sentence. Every sentence a word. Every word a letter. Every letter now simply an urge.

The book is now a serialized collection of books, simultaneously standalone, wholly individual, and wholly constituent and independent. Bigness is dead, an expansive series, a saga is the new standard. A saga is not a whole in itself but an assembly of parts, in which the alleged whole is actually less than the sum of its parts. It's about collections, binging, phenomenally summing up to some kind of experience only understandable by first realizing its parts. List essays become popular, and dangerous, formats for written content becomes they're just as convenient as fast food, and often just as empty in substance. We more easily to digest in small doses - tapas can be healthier and more interesting but i've yet to find the tapas bar of blogs.