VQSV began as The Strenuous Life Class 061 motivational motto which accompanied the class logo. Vincit qui se vincit captures the spirit of individual will, perseverance, and determination to reach the heights of success, however each individual may define that success. VQSV also emphasizes the importance of the journey or taking action (embodied in conquering) to overcome one's limits within, in order to overcome the limits without. In addition to positioning the individual at the fore as the fundamental standard for growth and success, the allusion to the balance of inside-outside, not unlike the above and below, has personal resonance. Subsquently, VQSV also appropriately accompanies my own logo, the Ensouroboros, itself a symbol embodying personal development and personal history, movement or perpetual improvement, self-awareness, self-exploration and a dynamic sense of things in life coming back around in new and unexpected ways.

Currently, I am exploring ways to extend these ideas symbolically into designed objects beginning with a line of shirts and a wristband. For me, VQSV.002 has become something of a uniform, and I wear the wristband every day as a reminder, a power gauntlet of sorts.


America. Individualism. Rational self-interest. He conquers who conquers himself.

$40. E-mail to purchase.


Some people prefer stickers, but what better way to commemorate your vaccination status and show everyone how you're saving their life than with a t-shirt?


$15. E-mail to purchase.